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The Touring Bike is a bicycle that focuses on the cyclist’s comfort and it tries to give him all the alternatives and possible uses within his residence place. This type of bike is used as a «clean» means of transportation, either for urban and rural zones. Besides, riding a bicycle is a great exercise to keep us fit in a funny and useful way. Commonly, these bikes have a little basket on the handlebar and sometimes a carrier behind the saddle. Inside this basket you can take groceries or whatever you want. Many people put a baby seat on the back part of the bike in order to be able to carry their children, nieces and nephews, little friends or any kid they want in a safe and funny way.

As these bikes are used to go for a ride, they do not have much resistance to rough surfaces, they cannot be used to climb a steep slope nor can they reach high speeds. They are designed to provide comfort in zones which do not demand much versatility, resistance or speed. However, there is a current regulation in many countries that makes the use of a helmet and other protection items compulsory in order to ride any bicycle. As regards security measures, one of the most important ones is to use retroreflectors when riding at night. Drivers do not easily see bikes and having a reflector is not useful. Retroreflectors are powered by batteries and they are relatively economical.

BMX bicycles

The handlebar and the saddle of these bicycles are especially comfortable. The rest of the bikes cannot have them for various reasons. Very quilted and big saddles allow us not only to «lean» but actually sit on them providing a great comfort to the cyclist and not only a support point. Saddles have a certain shape so that the cyclist does not need to lean too much to hold it and properly control it, allowing for a straight position, comfortable and useful to contemplate the landscape.

In the last few years a very different model of the traditional touring bike has become popular. The traditional design seems like a Mountain Bike modified to achieve the necessary comfort suitable for a touring bike. This new model, called Beach Bike, is a bicycle with a very open chopper-like handlebar, with coaster brakes and that it is very comfortable for riding and transporting people on them. To this model, sometimes some smaller pedals are added in the wheels in order to easily take another passenger standing up. The handlebar is quilted, so you can also take another person sitting there. Beach bikes are the more economical ones in the market, and they are usually very light. Due to its characteristic light weight and its ordinary capacity to dismount the front wheel without the use of any tool, this model is especially comfortable to take on a trip.


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