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When we talk about Child’s Bikes we automatically think of training wheels and funny designs. Beyond the beauty of a child’s bike, the importance of it is that it has to be durable and help him learn. There are many child’s bikes that are, certainly, very pretty but they do not reach the minimum resistance and utility standards. When buying a bike for a kid, you should bear in mind its capacity to withstand impacts, since kids are very careless with them, and its capacity to adjust to the kid’s learning needs.

The first thing to deal with is training wheels. These allow kids to learn how to ride, to get use to it, to decide whether he likes it or not, without the need to learn from the very start to keep balance and the necessary speed so as not to fall down. The training wheels next to the back wheel accompany the constant movement of the kid’s body and prevent him from falling down and getting frustrated at his first attempt. However, the falling downs will come sooner than expected. Once the kid has controlled the bike with training wheels, he will ask for the training wheels to be removed. Of course, this may be suggested by an adult and not by the kid, but anyhow the training wheels must be removed sooner or later. Obviously, nobody wants to a buy a new bike once the kid has controlled the one he has. That is the reason why these types of bicycles allow for the removal of the training wheels and therefore, you can keep using the same bike.

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A very effective technique is to remove the training wheels one at a time. By removing one training wheel, the kid will start balancing himself on the bike but he will still have the possibility to lean on the other training wheel if he loses balance. However, for a bike to be able to do so, it must be a good one. It is important to check the training wheels and steel’s resistance so that you are sure that they are resistant enough to withstand all the weight on only one.

To sum up, the important thing when buying a child’s bike is to make sure that it is strong enough to resist fallings and that the training wheels are strong enough too. If these requirements are fulfilled, you will be able to choose a bike according to its esthetic aspect. Though this depends on the kid’s taste.


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