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The Cross Bike or BMX has a small frame and training wheels. In general, it does not have gear changes. The design of this bike aims at making it an integral part of the cyclist’s life, in order to make the best fusion between the bike and the cyclist. It is used to do acrobatics and for jumping races. Extreme sports fans like it as a recreational and entertaining item. If we look for this bike’s family tree, we will find it close to the models of the touring bike, mountain bike or racing bike as well as to the skate. Those who practice skate do it at the same places where bike is practiced (it is an acrobatic discipline of speed done with cross bikes).

Cross races are organized in irregular surfaces and they aim at achieving speed and height when jumping. This type of tournament requires hard training and it is difficult to find a great place to properly do it. Cross races are a completely different activity to the previously mentioned acrobatics, which are done in urban zones and that are similar to skateboarding.


This type of bike tends to be a bit expensive. If you are considering buying this type of bike, you should make sure that it is a quality bike designed for this purpose. It is very common to find bicycles that imitate cross ones or that are actually cross bikes, but do not conform to the minimum quality levels to be able to use them as desired.

We highly recommend that you do not buy a cross bike to use it as a means of transportation since it is not a bike to go for a ride and its wheels are very small (something very uncomfortable when you have to go long distances). You may think this bike is very pretty and you buy it to use it as a touring bike or maybe you think you buy it with that purpose and then you start learning acrobatics. As regards the first option, we highly recommend you not to do it, but if you like the bike, go for it. As regards the second option, we will inform you that the necessary training to do acrobatics is not that simple: it takes a long time, many falls and bruises, a proper protection equipment and, generally, you have to belong to a group of people that practices this sport and can teach you how to do it.

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