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When we talk about Exercise Bikes, we focus, exclusively, on the aerobic aspect of riding a bicycle. We never think of how fun it is to ride an exercise bike, basically because it is not funny at all. Some people find them interesting since they use them while listening to music, watching TV or talking to someone. But all these things only show what we have already mentioned: exercise bikes are not funny and that is why you look for entertainment in something else. Before mentioning the aerobic benefits of pedaling, enumerating and describing the models of exercise bikes, we must point out that it is not the same exercise than riding an ordinary bike. The advantages of exercising are not appreciated due to its capacity to improve our physical state or tone up our muscles, but they are appreciated because it gives us the possibility to relax and have a nice time. If we do exercise on the exercise bike in a context that is identical to that of our everyday life (television, talking, etc.), we will not relax and we will only enjoy the aerobic advantages of the exercise. That is why we will have to think it twice when using a exercise bike and contemplating the idea of going out and ride it, in a park or anywhere else.

Now we will provide a review of the aerobic benefits of pedaling.

BMXInferior limbs: They are the part of the body that exercises the most. Pedaling tones up the muscles of the legs and thighs, and also improves the performance of the knee and feet articulations.

bicycling glovesSuperior limbs: Though it is not much, these parts of the body exercise a little. Many exercise bikes have a handlebar that allows for the intense exercise of arms and shoulders.

bike fitnessCardiovascular: The aerobic exercise of pedaling improves the irrigation and oxygenation of the different muscles, prevents heart diseases, reduces blood pressure and increases the density of blood capillaries.

bike glove

bike lightsLungs: The ventilation of the lungs due to exercise considerably improves the body’s oxygenation.

These are some of the exercise bikes models available:

bike lampElectric bike: You can regulate the type of ground, intensity or a certain type of exercise. These bikes measure speed, heart rate per minute, strength and function for a given period of time.

bike fitnessMechanical bike: It is regulated by pressing the pedals in order to achieve greater intensity while exercising. Many of them have a handlebar designed to exercise superior limbs.

bikingStand-up bike: This device is similar to a bicycle that combines the exercise of several muscles.

light bikeSaddle bike: The exercise is exactly the same; however, this is done sat in a saddle with pedals in front of the user. It is very similar to the tilted bike.


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