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Also known as off road bikes, this model is very resistant to impacts and to different surfaces. Designed for competitions and rides through mountains and rough zones, this bicycle is the most resistant to the impacts caused by irregular surfaces, it has thicker tires that can withstand the roughness of the surface and it is specially made to have a better grip and traction to irregular land. These bikes also have a very good back and front suspension, which absorb shakes and protect the cyclist.

Mountain Bike is a bicycle evidently designed for irregular surfaces but it is also used by people who like to ride a bike in the city or use it as a means of transportation. Even though this type of bike is not the best one to ride in a city, it is a very effective means of transportation since it is faster than the touring bike and has different speeds (gear changes), which will be very useful when you arrive late at work or you go up a slope.


As its main usage, this bike can be used as a medium of recreation or competition. There are many competitions in which these bikes are used. Usually, these are organized in rural mountain zones which have irregular and winding surfaces. Mountain Bike’s fans and competitors like taking a tool kit on the bike. This is a hobby, but it is also quite necessary due to the surfaces they go through. You take the tools not only because the surface can break down the bike, but also because, mainly, the breakdown occurs in an uninhabited zone and it is very hard to go on foot, taking the bike as heavy as it is.

The price of Mountain Bikes is not so stable as the one of the touring bikes. They can be relatively economical if they are not very good ones or they can cost a fortune if they are competition bikes. That is why it is highly important that, if you wish to buy a bicycle of this kind, be aware of what you will use it for. Do not let sellers persuade you, telling you to buy an expensive bike if you are not going to use it to compete. However, it is true that if you use the bike for recreation and not for going on rough surfaces, it is highly convenient for you to buy a relatively good bicycle and the following repair items: bicycle pump, patches (with sandpaper and glue to repair the punctured tires), screw wrench, spatulas to dismount the rims, a key to adjust the spokes; eight, nine and ten millimeters Allen wrench; a handle of interchangeable points (to avoid big tools), set of plane points and cross; and four, five and six millimeters Allen keys; chain remover (special tool for cycling that has the function of separating and uniting the chain), an spare chain, grease or lubricating oil and a wrench. For the cyclist’s safety it is recommended the use of a helmet, kneepads, elbow patches and wristbands; they also have a first aid kit, a bottle of water (that can be fitted in the area designed for it on the frame) and a mobile phone.

Mountain Bikes are usually used for bicycle touring. Bicycle touring is part of adventure tourism and it consists of riding a bike in a certain zone. This type of activity can be done with or without a guide. According to the tourist’s desire, bicycle touring can be done exclusively through roads or routes or it can be done in mountainous zones. For those interested in doing such activity on their holidays and know in a special way the place of destination, we highly recommend you take a good mountain bike with you. It is better if you have your own bike instead of renting one, not only because is it cheaper if you do it regularly, but also because it is much better to know and be familiarized with the vehicle which will take you through zones that are not comfortable.

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