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The Racing Bike, also known as route bicycle, has big and narrow wheels, it is light, it is based on speed, and it has a very particular handlebar so that the cyclist can lean enough so as to reduce up to the most wind resistance. Even though some people enjoy these types of bikes to go for a ride, they are generally used for competition or amateur training. In the first place, this type of bicycle, due to the handlebar’s shape, is very uncomfortable to go for a ride since you cannot contemplate the landscape. Due to the fact that the cyclist is so lean forward, he can hardly see the floor and what he has in front. The position you should take to use this model is very useful to avoid wind resistance but it is not that useful if you want to see the landscape. In the second place, these bikes tend to be very expensive and this is not a convenient investment for someone who wants a bicycle to go for a ride.

The racing bike is designed for those who want to train in order to compete or for those who want to undergo a strict training to keep fit. Usually, those who choose to buy this type of bicycles are already training with an accessible bike and this one is no longer enough for them. It is not likely that a person decides to buy a racing bike and starts training just like that, the only problem in such would be regretting having done it. Training can be done individually or in groups. It is very common when driving, to come across with a group of cyclists, wearing the same clothes and going at a same speed. For those who want to start training with these bicycles, there are many Web pages dedicated to cycling, which explain how to do it in order to obtain the desired results. However, it is advisable to visit a sports doctor to implement a right training plan.

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When buying a racing bike to train, you should bear in mind that there are a number of essential complementary items.

BMXHelmet: It is an essential safety item. Its usage is mandatory in many countries. Professional cyclists wear an aerodynamic helmet to reach a higher speed.

bicycling glovesAerodynamic suit: If it is important to use an aerodynamic helmet, it is even more important to have an aerodynamic suit. The wind resistance that usual sport clothes cause is unacceptable for a cyclist. These suits, similar to those of the diver’s, reduce to a minimum this resistance.

bike fitnessTrainers: Special to ride a bicycle. They have a non-slipping system in order to avoid the foot slipping from the pedal. If this should happen, you would lose the bike’s control or cause injury due to this sudden movement. This shoe wear does not have laces.

bike gloveSpeedometer.

bike lightsPulsometer watch: knowing the heart rate during exercise is indispensable in order to have a proper training.

bike lampOthers: Water, tools kit, first aid kit and mobile phone in case of emergency.

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